How To Write CDR For Engineers Australia

  1. Career risk: The main purpose of writing a CDR report is to demonstrate the competency of the applicant given in the elements as well sub-elements for the level or the discipline they are applying for. The Engineers Australia (EA) selects only those candidates who can prove themselves worthy of working as engineers in Australia. Students failing to meet the EA standards face rejections.
  2. Lack of time: The applicants of CDR are usually given a time limit of 12 weeks to complete the report. Thus, they need to know the task, get acquainted with the task and get it completed within the fixed time limit of 12 weeks. Truly speaking this time limit of twelve weeks is not long enough to write a perfect CDR report.
  3. Chances of rejection: Majority of the CDR applicants have the fear of rejection. This fear obstructs them from giving their best within the fixed deadlines.

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