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(Last updated: 22nd December 2021)

NER stands for National Engineering Register which is a registration authority developed by Engineers Australia (EA). The main purpose of NER is to link the most professional engineers to the best Engineering companies and projects. This is done based on an individual’s professional skills and work ethics. Many engineers get to move to Australia and work as an Engineer but not all of them are qualified enough to work with the major Engineering companies. NER provides professional recognition and ensures that the selected candidate is professional enough to work in a professional atmosphere.

One of the main benefits of getting selected by NER is that it provides immense opportunities related to your work career which helps create a strong and worth it work profile. So if you are someone who wants to be on top of his/her engineering career then getting selected by the National Engineering Register is crucial for you. Many engineers got accepted by NER which led to great benefits for their career. Not only that you get immense work opportunities but also you get paid well as well. This leads to financial independence and a strong engineering work profile that will help you throughout your career.

How to prepare NER work Statement

When it comes to preparing the NER work Statement it is important to understand its rules and guidelines set by Engineers Australia. But not all the individuals go through the rules and guidelines set by EA and even if they do they are not able to understand the guidelines properly which leads to plagiarism in their NER work Statement or some other error which leads to rejection. Therefore the best thing you can do is make sure that you can understand the set guidelines properly.

Once you have a complete understanding of the rules it will become easier for you to write the best NER work Statement. When you know the type of information you have to write in the work Statement it just becomes a lot easier to gather such information and take professional help if needed.

It is mandatory to follow the guidelines while framing your NER work Statement. While writing your NER work Statement it is important to follow the following points so that you don’t make any mistake. By following these points you will be able to frame a professional NER work Statement:

Important points to follow for NER work Statement preparation

For preparing your NER work Statement it is important to follow the set guidelines by the authority. When writing your NER work Statement make sure that all the information is mentioned in the specific order as per set guidelines. Do not mention information randomly as it can lead to rejection of your work Statement. Therefore it is important to mention all the related information in the correct sequence.

Make sure that you mention all your professional work experience in the NER work Statement. This includes all the professional engineering work or projects that you have worked on. All the work experience that is relevant to your profession. When you mention your professional skills in the right manner it leads to acceptance by Engineers Australia straightway.

One of the most important points to keep in mind is that the individual must have at least five years of experience in his/her respective engineering field. Without five years of experience the individual won’t be eligible for framing a NER work Statement.

The respective individual must provide information related to his/her career, accomplishments, and knowledge that he/she has gained using or after his/her academic years. Make sure to only provide original information to Engineers Australia.

Work experience

While preparing your NER work Statement you must write an outstanding work experience section. The details related to your work experience must be written in chronological order without copying any information. All the details in your work experience must be authentic and related to your engineering career. Any work experience that is irrelevant to your profession will not be approved by Engineers Australia. Therefore work experience is a very crucial part of your NER work Statement. Make sure to not make any mistakes while writing your work experience. Outstanding work experience leads to acceptance by Engineers Australia.

Professionalism and skills

When you are applying for NER it is mandatory to mention all your skills and professional work you have done. The skills must be mentioned in the correct order. If you don’t mention your professional skills and knowledge then most likely you will face rejection by Engineers Australia. NER is framed for choosing the best engineers out there therefore it is important for you to mention your skills and knowledge in the correct order with authentic information. This will lead to approval by Engineers Australia.

Eligibility criteria for NER work Statement

This is very important to keep in mind whether you are eligible for writing the NER work Statement or not. The individual must have at least 5 years of work experience to demand the Experience Statement. Having less work experience or no work experience will not allow you to write a professional NER work Statement. Therefore all the candidates need to be qualified enough to write a professional statement. Secondly the individual needs to clear IELTS and TOEFL with a good score.

Achievements acquired during your work experience

This section is crucial to mention in your experience statement. This includes all the skills, knowledge, and achievements that you have acquired during your work or job experience. When you are mentioning your achievements you need to mention the problems or issues that you faced during your work or while doing a project.

Make sure to mention the tools, skills, and knowledge that you used to solve such problems. These points are mandatory to write in your NER work Statement. You must also include all the steps that you took to ensure the success of a project or the company you were working with. This ensures that the individual is qualified enough to use his/her knowledge to ensure the success of a project. The individual should also mention all the Career relevant skills and knowledge that he/she has used in different work situations.

Services provided by you

In NER Work Statement the individual must include all the professional services that were provided by him/her to ensure the success of the project or the company. Make sure to mention your name, company details, and description of the service provided by you. While providing all such details you should add any fake information or irrelevant services regarding your profession. It is important to be specific and to the point while framing your NER work Statement.

Details of your job and projects

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must mention details related to your work or job. The individual must start with his/her name and provide all the job descriptions like the nature of the project, the skills required for the completion of the project, the output of the project, and all the problems faced while working on the project.

The individual must also include any specific title or position he/she acquired while working on a specific project or working for a specific company. The individual should also mention the name or title of the project, it’s the location and the duration of the project. It is crucial to provide details related to your contribution in every phase of the project. The more details your provide related to your contribution the higher the chances will be of your approval by Engineers Australia.

Required documents for NER work Statement

Following are the required documents for NER Work Statement preparation:

• Original CPD Report

• Statuary declaration template

• Competence worksheet

The things to avoid while framing your NER work Statement

When it comes to writing the NER work Statement you must make sure that that you don’t copy any information from the internet. The Engineers Australia has the modern systems and a professional team that will be able to detect if your work Statement contains unauthentic information or not. Plagiarism in your work Statement leads to a bad impression on the reader and most likely you will get rejected by Engineers Australia. Avoiding plagiarism in your NER work Statement is crucial for acceptance by Engineers Australia.

The work Statement should only be framed in the English language. You cannot write the statement in any other language. If you have framed your NER work Statement through another language then you must get it translated into English.

Make sure that the details you mention in your statement contain relevant information. Adding extra information often leads to rejection by Engineers Australia.

Final words

NER is a professional registration platform that is established by Engineers Australia to select the best Engineers with the most professional skills and knowledge. This is mainly done to link professional engineers with the best engineering authorities and companies to ensure the success of engineering projects.

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