CDR Report Sample for Telecommunication Engineer

CDR Report Sample for Telecommunication Engineer

CDR Report is actually for those applicants who don’t have their degrees accredited from the relevant institution. CDR Sample for Telecommunication Engineer is for those where the qualification of the applicant is not accredited from a relevant organization and thus the requirement of preparing a CDR report triggers.

English Proficiency for Australian Migration Skill Assessment

There are three types of English proficiency test which are acceptable from Engineers Australia and these are mainly:

  • PTE

Engineers Australia have minimum requirement of 6.0 in IELTS for carrying out the assessment process. The IELTS test result of an applicant must show a minimum of 6.0 in each of the four specified modules which include speaking, listening, reading and writing. Engineers Australia typically accepts both the Academic and General versions of the test.

Engineers Australia is also accepting TOEFL from 1st January 2016 as an alternative English language test for addressing the competency element of the skills assessment. In the TOEFT test results, the applicant must score the following points in each of the module:

  • Listening: 12
  • Reading: 13
  • Writing: 21
  • Speaking: 18

An exemption is provided for those applicants who have completed an Australian undergraduate engineering qualification at an Australian university. The documentary evidence of successful Australian qualification completion is needed for exemption on the basis

  • Applicants who are native English speakers
  • Applicants who are living in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States of America and Canada (excluding Quebec) with English as their official language.

Job Duties of Telecommunication Engineer

The core job duties of a Telecommunication Engineer is as under:

  • Carrying out designing, planning, configuring, building and commissioning telecommunication networks, devices and systems, like radio, voice, data, microwave, two-way, digital data systems, and satellites.
  • Ensuring interconnection of telecommunication system with various equipment providing from various services providers, manufacturers, and users.
  • Compilation of engineering project proposals for defining goals, identifying scope, background and requirements analysis along with parts and services.
  • Evaluation and procurement of new products and services from vendors.
  • Ensuring all the compliance with regulations, laws, processes and policies in the telecommunication systems provision.
  • Selection and development of new telecommunication sites from locating sites, drawing up documents, filing documents for approval, construction drawings drafting and following through towards approval.
  • Determination of the appropriate configurations of telecommunication software and hardware, ensuring mandatory telecommunication equipment performance.
  • Interpretation and preparation specifications, regulations and drawings for the telecommunication equipment utilization.

Telecommunication Engineer CDR Report Preparation

  • CDR Structure

CDR Report is actually a report for evaluating the degree as well as work experience in the relevant engineering field. It consist of 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and CPD along with other supporting documents which include Resume, work experience certificates, degrees, transcripts, English proficiency certificates, etc.

Another reason of CDR report rejection is based on the percentage of plagiarism in the reports. According to the recent research and trend obtained by Best CDR Writing, there is higher number of rejections mainly occur because of significant plagiarism content in the Career Episodes. Thus, it is very important to check the reports for plagiarism before submitting it to Engineers Australia. Even 1% or 2% plagiarism in any of the career episode could result in rejection and imposing a ban of 12 months from Engineers Australia. Therefore, Best CDR Writing always advice their clients to make sure that their CDR Reports are 100% plagiarism free at the time of submission to Engineers Australia.

  • Career Episodes Details

Each career episode must be written in a chronological order mentioning the latest project as the Career Episode 1 and then moving to other projects accordingly in Career Episode 2 and Career Episode. Career Episode is the main reflection of showing the specified engineering activities and convincing the assessor to trust in your abilities by demonstrating the projects in a professional manner following the relevant guidelines mainly provided by Engineers Australia.

During the preparation of CDR Report, one should keep in mind the basic purpose of writing the CDR. It is to prove your specified engineering activities. Usually, the rejection occurs in the reports from Engineers Australia when the career episodes lacks the specified ANSCO code duties. Thus, the assessor is not convinced with the provided engineering details in the CDR Report.

  • Summary Statement

Summary Statement is actually the 3 Career Episodes summary which include explaining the career episodes fundamental points which cross matched with the career episode in the 3rd column. There are actually 3 columns in the summary statement. One is the predefined tasks list on the left end and center column in which activities related to specified tasks are required to be mentioned. Accordingly, 3rd column is utilized for cross matching that activity with the career episodes. Summary Statement is a crucial statement when preparing CDR report and thus, Best CDR Writing makes no stone unturned in preparing a perfect summary statement report.

  • CPD

CPD is continuous professional development sheet mainly available at Engineers Australia website. It is also the fundamental aspect of preparing the CDR Report and the applicant must mention their core CPD activities. It include trainings, seminars, industrial visits, and other related engineering activities. CPD sheet provide adequate understanding related to specified ANSZCO engineering domain. 

  • Resume

Another fundamental aspect in preparing Telecommunication Engineer CDR Report is the Resume preparation as it is very important element in the whole evaluation process. Resume must be prepared in a manner that it highlights your main core responsibilities related to telecommunication engineering field. Resume is required to be on the Australian format as most of the employers only reviewed the resumes according to their specified standard.

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