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What is CDR (Competency Demonstration Report)?

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report is a document that verifies if you are eligible to work as an Engineer in Australia. This document shows whether your skills and knowledge as an engineer meet the Australian standards or not. CDR document gives chance to applicants around the globe to show their information and skills as an engineer. Do not take your CDR Report writing lightly because it is the basis of your Australian Skilled Migration application. CDR Report has a team of experts with first-hand experience as engineers who have earned great EA evaluations. They will gladly support you in whatever way they can to prepare an ideal CDR that highlights your career development and accomplishments to the best of their abilities. It is very important to have all the abilities and skills which make you eligible for applying as an engineer in Australia.

Guidelines for writing a CDR Report

  • The greatest danger of attempting to write your own CDR is that a lack of basic knowledge or a poorly worded report might endanger your chances of receiving an Australian Skilled Migration visa. To avoid such problems, the following points should be considered important while writing a Competency Demonstration Report.
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV) is a comprehensive overview of your engineering education and work experience. It should be a chronological listing of your career history rather than a list of projects you’ve worked on. It should be printed on A4 paper and should be no more than three pages in length. The following information should be provided for each company you have worked for:
  • Mentioning the complete address with the details of the contact of the company you have worked in is a must.
  • You should also mention the complete period of your employment.
  • Your job duties as mentioned in your appointment letter, as well as a brief overview of your work.
  • In the list format, your CPD should be listed. It should not exceed one page in length (in A4 size).
  • The episodes of your career must be written in English. Each description should be around 1,000 and 2,500 words in length. It must not be too complicated. A job episode should be written in the first person and should focus on what you did as a worker in the case you’re telling.
  • Every paragraph of your career episode should be numbered as follows:
  • Episode 1 of your professional life (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.)
  • Episode 2 of your professional life (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.)
  • 3rd episode of your career (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.)
  • In the Summary statement, the paragraph numbers will be used for cross-referencing.
  • A Job Sequence should be written in the style of an essay rather than a chart.
  • All three career episodes are covered by a single Summary Statement.

Documents Required for Competency Demonstration Report (CDR):

  • Newly captured passport-size picture.
  • Your picture and name on the side of your new passport.
  • Certificate of completion of an academic program.
  • Modified resume.
  • The result of IELTS or TOEFL iBT.
  • A name Documentation should be updated (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Professional Registration (if applicable)
  • Documentary evidence of employment for the previous year, as well as employment as stated in the CDR Report’s Career Episodes.

Features of a Good Competency Demonstration Report (CDR):

Many applicants are unsure of how to write an effective CDR report. A CDR report is crucial for an engineer who has applied for migration to Australia. It contains all of the important information about the engineer’s abilities, talents, and characteristics that are needed for a good Migration Skills Assessment.  Engineers Australia requires each migrating engineer to prepare their own CDR report, but if you don’t follow the MSA booklet guidelines, your CDR will be rejected. For writing an effective and successful competency demonstration report (CDR) following:

  • Before you begin writing your CDR report, read the EA guidelines and make sure you understand the intent of the study. It is divided into three sections: a summary sentence, three career episodes, and a list of CPDs.
  • Choose the subjects carefully for Career Episodes. You must first assess the attributes that EA seeks in candidates, and then create a comprehensive episode describing your abilities and experience, as well as how you learned them. You should give complete details.
  • Never discuss one project in two Career Episodes because it will cause misunderstanding. Engineers Australia is keen to learn about your experience of working on a variety of projects.
  • You need to be very careful while writing your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) in English because it is mentioned by the Australian engineers in the CDR using Australian English, make sure the writing style, pronunciation, and grammar are similar to that of the Australian language. If you’re planning Career Episodes in other languages, don’t forget to provide translation for the understanding of the panel.
  • Your article should be in the first and active speech.
  • Don’t mention your team because the EA is more interested in learning about your talents and abilities, they don’t have any concern with your team members.
  • EA strictly checks plagiarism, so make sure whatever you write in the CDR you write it on your own and don’t copy it from any book, any other CDR, or the internet. You just have to mention only your experiences and abilities in the CDR.
  • When writing a Summary Statement, keep in mind that it is the first thing EA evaluators will read. In the Summary Statement, you must link the elements to the relevant paragraphs in CEs.
  • Mention any technical difficulty or obstacle you solved while working on a project, to show your working abilities and problem-solving skills. This might help the officials to greatly understand your expertise in this field and they will give you work according to that.

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